How to Reset My Android Device At Grilleye Pro Plus?


Last Update 4 jaar geleden

Please follow the steps below:

Bring your smartphone close to the GrillEye.

Keep them close throughout the process.

Please try the following on your android phone:

1. Go to Settings > Storage > Navigate to Other apps

2. Now, tap on the GrillEye app

3. Tap on Clear Cache

4. Update your Android OS - if needed

5. Uninstall the app

6. Reboot your phone

7.Re install the app

8. Reboot your GrillEye device by pressing the power button for more then 10 seconds and then release

9. Open the GrillEye app and add your WiFi netowrk again

For any further assistance send an email at [email protected] and our support team will assist you with any question or suggestion you have about our Grilleye products.

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