How to set up your GrillEye® Max

Getting started


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Download the GrillEye® Hyperion application

GrillEye® Hyperion is available on the Apple Store and on Google Play, for free

The GrillEye® Hyperion application will now guide you, through the whole set-up. 

Select the language of your preference and select the button "Next"

When it asks you to enable

1) Notifications

2) Bluetooth® Permissions, select "Allow"

When it is Scanning for GrillEye nearby, select the Serial Number of the device you wish to pair with and select "Choose".

Once the application informs you that the device has been Successfully paired, select "Done"

Afterwards it will scan for Wi-Fi® networks nearby.

Select the one you wish to connect with and then the button "Connect".

You then need to insert your Password and select "Connect".

It will then inform you that you have successfully connected your GrillEye® Max to your network.

Select the button "Connect to Cloud". When the application informs you that you have successfully connected to the server, select the button "Next". When the application informs you that the Firmware has been updated, select the button "Continue".

Time to name your device. You shall now type a friendly name for your device in the text field. When you are ready, select the button "Next".

You can afterwards go through the default Device preferences (Units of Measurement, Alarm Volume, Time format, Early Alarm, Cool down time, Screen-saving time, Auto-shut down time, Audible notifications and alarms on disconnect) and modify anything you wish to.

Once you are ready, select the button "Save".

You have now entered the App Demo Tour, where the App will fully introduce you, your GrillEye® Max. Swipe though and get to know everything!

You can always come back to this introduction by selecting the button "Onboarding". You will find it in the Settings Menu, under the Button "App Preferences"

You are now ready to enjoy some amazing cooks!

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