How Can I Check If My Probe Is Defective?


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Please have a look at the following cases summarizing the reasons that may cause a GrillEye probe to malfunction. Something may ring a bell or you might even identify a remedy:

  1. Loose connection of the probe jack to the device.
    this case, pushing the probe jack towards the device/port to achieve a firm connection of the 2.5mm probe to the female connector will resolve the issue. Kindly note that, in some cases, even if the jack seems to be attached, you need to apply some pressure to ensure proper connection.
  2. Dust/dirt on the 2.5mm jack
    Dust or other particles concentrated on the jack or the port may cause the contact between the jack and the port to fail. In this case, damping a napkin with alcohol and cleaning the jack as well as the port socket (twist the napkin end to fit it inside the port) will solve your issue. When inserting the probe in the socket, push the probe jack towards the device/port to achieve a firm connection and rotate it to exclude ""loose"" points.
  3. Exposure to fire / high temperature
    If the probe is exposed directly onto flames and the electronic part exceeds its maximum temperature tolerance, it will be damaged causing false readings.
  4. Exposure to moisture/water
    Being constructed solely out of space-grade aluminium and stainless steel (no plastic parts included, thus FDA approved), the only ""trade-off"" for this kind of equipment is that you need to be careful to avoid water slipping into the probe cavity (part where the cable meets the grip), when cleaning it.
  5. Breaks on the wire
    In this case, the coil that runs inside the outer shield and carries the signal, breaks and causes erratic readings (similar to the most common issue for wired headphones failure)

For any further assistance send an email at [email protected] and our support team will assist you with any question or suggestion you have about our Grilleye products.

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